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Open Turn key Bank Operation.  Ready now
Call Don Browning 352 233 7990 
11800 S 441
Belleview Fl 34412
Tel: 352 233 7990
Great opportunity.
Executive Summery
The Subject property is a 11,538 SF turn key bank branch building with additional offices, designed to be a regional headquarter.  It is in "Like New" condition with high-end finishes.  The two story building was built in 2004 and sits on 1.69 Acre lot with 50 parking spaces and three drive-thru lanes.
the first floor includes teller stations, vault, 5 private offices, multiile storage areas, break room men's and womend's restrooms, and elevator to the second floor. Second floor could be leased to separate tenant. The upstairs has 5 private offices, large conference room, open area with work stations, and separate restrooms and break room.
Property is located on Hwy 441 between The Villages and Ocala, on the west side of the road across the street from the turn to SE County Road 25A.
Marion County Parcel ID 38619-002-00
2012 Property Taxes : $ 16,816 
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 Ocala Best EDC Enterprise Award 2012  Adena Springs Ranch Stephen Hunter MST-Ocala

Cowboys, saddle up!  Adena ranch is receiving strong support for their Beef Cattle facility expansion.

Initially the Ocala Star Banner forgot that we send a Billion Gallons of Marion County water to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico daily from Silver and Rainbow Springs.

We have so much water that a billion gallons bubbles out and runs off to the ocean daily decided residents after hearing the details of the cattle operation.  Horses and cattle capital of the world.  It has a great ring! 

Citizens ask Ocala to rethink the Storm Sewer System in the City of Ocola.  TDML study shows Alachua and Ocala Utilities may have to stop discharging to Silver Springs if we are to achieve needed Environmental Standards.  County Commissioner Mike Amsden is apparently on the "hot-seat" over the discharge to Silver Springs from Ocala Storm Sewers.  Alachua County is also called out during the FDEP Total Daily Maximum Load Meeting.  Most people are now aware that environmental leaders, Gainesville is the leading source of Sewer Effluent into the top of the Floridan Aquifer.  Protective casing only goes to about the 200 foot level in the discharge wells that is polluting the aquifer with 10,000,000 gallons of Sewer Effluent daily.  Studies by Gainesville's Howard Odum and his student Bob Knight failed to list the large dump site in studies they were hired to perform for Silver Springs evaluation.  HT Odum Springs Institute is now having to explain the findings of Odum and Knight Et al.

Ocala Best congratulations to School Board Members Carol Ely and Nancy Stacy elected to 4 years service on the Marion County School Board.

According to education experts, our school administration principal salaries are at the top in the state spending, (#3),  while the teacher salarys are #38th in state ranking.  We must use our School District resources to put resources in the classroom with the Students and Teachers.


David Moore selected Ocala Best's Candidate Endorsement 


My Ocala  calls Marion County Commission Candidate David Moore, "the right man for the job, honesty, intelligence, education, experience and a plan to reform Marion County Government, and allow for an improved quallity of life in Marion County".   "Government is most often the problem and not the answer", said Moore as he explains that he will represent We the People, and not represent government.   

Earl Arnett is gaining popularity with Republicans that would like to reduce the size of government and introduce more integrity by commissioners.

Ocala and Emerald Coast TDC directors resign.  Governor Scott appoints taskforce to look into conflict of interest issues with TDC's.  Matt Dunn resigns April 27th in Email to Marion County officials.  Mark Bellingger resigns May 3rd.  Officials receiving business from TDC in Ocala is brought to light by Commissioner questions, and Boat purchase in Emerald Coast in question.

Two sides to the story will come out as contriversy plays out.

 Matt Dunn it appears still has pull in Marion County.  He is hoping to have the Marion County Commission raise the tourist tax.  He has many locals wondering if Matt won't be coming by to get his hands on some of that additional tax money if commissioners do raise the tax.  Mr. Dunn allowed how the commission could open and close three hearings in a single meeting to bypass meddlesome opposition.  If people don't hear about the first vote to raise taxes they likely won't be there to protest if the second meeting is held a few minutes later.  Remember, you heard it here.  The Ocala this year spent about $1 million dollars to give out about $50,000 in grants.  Much of the remainder apparently went to board member companies.  What ever happened to FS 112.311, Conflict of Interest that outlaws that sort of thing.  Remember, you heard about the statute here, and the Marion County lack of a policy to enforce conflict of interest problems. 


Matt Dunn Resigns.  April 27 Marion County Florida.  TDC director in office almost exactly one year resigns.  TDC Ocala and Ocala Visitor and Convention official is not announced on web site.  No information forthcoming about Matt Dunn stepping down.  Commissioner Stan McClain looking into the resignation details.



Marion County Tourist Director Looks to a New Winning Formula to fund promotion of Great Events like the USA National Wake Surf Championships. 

Fun, Fun, Fun, ..................
This is what I'm Talking About!

USA National Championships come to Marion County's Lake Weir!


What's Up Ocala makes a stop at a classic success in Ocala Florida Genesis.  
We have many perfect dinning situations for your enjoyment.  Check out Genesis!  Editor's pick. Don Browning

Kay had a special way of living that automatically included everyone she met.  Always up beat, and ready to do her best to improve your day.  We will miss you Kay, and thanks for all you did for our troops over seas.  Don Browning.



Thought many of you would want to know about the passing of a dear friend of the Ft. McCoy Veterans Home and the veteran community.  Kaye Stevens passed away on December 28th about 11:40pm.  She was a crusader/ along with promoter  of the VFW Retirement Home and veterans in general.   We worked closely with her on several projects here, that many of you attended.  She was admired by a lot of our residents, whom some  of them she especially enjoyed.   Kaye will be missed by the Home and  many others…Gers Judge VFW Ft McCoy Florida



The visitation services for Kaye Stevens will be Monday from 4-6 pm at Heirs Baxley Funeral Home on Buena Vista Blvd. in the Villages.  If you take US 441 south, turn right at the Shell Station across from Cracker Barrel, go about 500’ on right to funeral home.  Refreshments will be served after the visitation. 


The funeral will be at St. Paul’s in Leesburg on Tuesday at 11AM.

Mayor Christine Dobkowski enters office.  Family and friends watched as Mayor Dobkowski and the city council got down to work.

Sub-plot: City Clerk Sandi McKamey becomes mini mayor for a day last week, and calls a telephone meeting of the City Council as new mayor is about to take office.

Is an unelected city employee over playing her hand?  Was her calling of council members a violation of the sunshine right of the public to be present? Will Governor Scott have to Step In?

Top on the agenda was a question of city staff going around the public meeting and calling for a vote on a hiring decision outside the public meeting format as called for in Belleview regulations.  Discussion centered around private phone call polling of commissioners to give a go-ahead to a city employee to obligate the city to an employment obligation.  The hiring bypassed the general public during these high unemployment times.  Voting against the end run hiring incident that occurred just days before the new mayor would take office was Mayor Dubkowski.  The question is why have an open public meeting if decisions have already been made by private secret telephone voting.   The lawyer for the city clearly pointed out that council business must be conducted in the sunshine and public employees acting as Para-Commissioners is not legal.  Marion Sun Times on the Record.

 Ocala Best effort recognition for clean campaigning in the Ocala Mayor's Race::  Randall  Alvord.

Congratulations for a successful campaign for Mayor Kent Guinn.


Stop runaway National Debt.  Ask Rep. Stearns to stop 20 years of increased budget overspending.  Give a big "thumbs down" on Federal Grants.  They are borrowed funds, not tax payer dollars.  Recent Emergency Management bunk house sounds good until you realize we went out and borrowed the funds from foreign interest and every penny will have to be paid back in full with interest.  Congressmen hand out "earmarks" by putting handouts in democrat party bills.  Stearns votes against bills that carry his own handouts.  If you can't get reelected without putting the US in debt then please step aside.  We support Ted Yoho for US Congress in 2012 district 6, Florida.

Remember, don't get involved in Grants if the funds must be borrowed from the Communist Chinese.  Often we forget that China is a communist country.  Should we be borrowing from them to finance our society?  Something to think about.  The Government is broke at every level.  There is no money to give out as grants! 

The Gross National Debt

Grand Oaks helps kick off a successful Marion County tourist event.  Villages and South Marion come to the economic aid of Ocala.

Rock'n Salon! Stop in and tell them Jennifer sent you.  Be your best.  


Big Weekend with perfect weather on Sunday as October comes to a close.  Marion County Pumpkin Run, Classic Auto Show.

Marion Sun Times/Villages News A video Find This One production. 

Marion County's Castro Farm Classic Auto Show,  Pumpkin Auto Run. 

Welcome to The Nest on Lake Weir.




Visit the Fresh Market in The Villages.

We search far and wide to find the next great experience in Living.  The Villages News Editors

The Villages is what's happening in modern American Life.  (if you are important, or just think you are,  you visit the Villages.) 

High Life Cuisine is the reward for industrious, enjoyable gathering of the ingredients.  Go to our New Market and indulge. 

Soon we will visit Water Sources.  Stand by for News as it happens. 

Ocala MARION VOTED BEST 10 PLACES TO LIVE    What's Up Ocala! 9107284
Central Florida Economic Action Team helps Governor Scott promote Florida's great cultural assets announcing Viva Florida and an Artistic view of Florida's History.. 
Find Restaurant reviews, things to do in Ocala, Eco tours, the best hotel deals in Marion County's Best New Ocala Magazine!  Whats Up Ocala.com? Magazine
Jimmy Leeward Remembered by Friends and Family
Known worldwide as Gentleman Jim Leeward. 
Reno Racer, Movie Flyer, Developer, Race Driver and a friend to generations Jim will be missed.
Memorial Held at the Leeward Air Ranch
Leeward Air Ranch, Marion County Florida

Representative Charles E. Van Zant Reception.
State Representative Charles Van Zant 
Florida House of Representatives, District 21 Marion County
At the Home of
Doctors Riadh & Manal Fakhoury 

Senator Alan Hays Presents Telescope!  Space Florida is your opportunity to get involved in Tomorrow.  
Come on Down and Get Involved.



Leading Art Attraction, Voted Best fun and relaxed quality Art Venue in Central Florida.  

All About Art of Belleview. 


 The Big Bang!

Scientist say the BIG BANG was 13,700,000,000 years ago.  (13.7 Billion)  That is 5 Trillion Days!  

In the last 20 years the US Congress has borrowed over $10 Trillion Dollars.  

That is $2.00 per day since the beginning of time!  We are borrowing what we can't pay back!

Time for old Line Congressmen to retire.  We have had enough. Let's have a debate on term limits.

Visit Kelly's Primary Oven for a special treat!  Tell Kelly Don sent you!



The world is changing.  Join the Marion County Chamber of Commerce to enjoy the promotion of Marion's Best.

Take time to remember our blessings.  Follow the TDC MarionEDC Marion, and the Marion Chamber of Commerce




IHMC Afternoon Lectures in Ocala are an experience you will enjoy.

 Space Florida and NASA are well represented in these educational meetings with community and world leaders. 

Marion County Florida hosts the National Harpoon Sailboat Regata on Lake Weir.  TDC Marion Exclusive



Don Browning's Z06 takes best of show in Fast Yellow Corvette category.  

George Albright lll kicks off inaugural Really Cool Rides Charity Auto Show in Marion County. 

Weirsdale Troop 113 Celebrates an Eagle Scout Presentation.

Visit Ocala County when you can and 

Don"t forget your Camera.

Known as Photography Central.


Is Ocala the new Brand Name for Marion County?  Should Ocala County Florida represent Marion County?

New Sponsor Ocala Cool, Florida's Finest Artesian Spring Mineral Water.  The Water that made Florida Famous.  Viva La Florida is a celebration of Florida History.  Florida Mineral Water, the fountain of youth.

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Come with us and see the sights, Marion County Leaders visit with Florida's Government Leaders. Marion County Day 2011 is host to EDC Marion County 10 step Central Florida Economic Action Team.  Central Florida Public Policy Director Don Browning declares war on unemployment.  World Class Ocala Best Mineral Water is to carry the banner telling he world about Central Florida Treasures.  Governor Rick Scott talks about His Florida vision for the economic recovery of our great State of Florida.
Water supply of Central Florida's Aquifer declared world best.  Governor Scott addresses the Art World asking for support for his Best Florida Visit concept to revitalize Florida's economy with a celebration of Florida's History.

Remember Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary with donations. They are a 501c(3) and are in desperate need of funds for rehab of facilities.  Call Keith Belisle or Kenneth Lane for details.  Become a sponsor today!

Economic Action Team, Marion County Florida.  Travel, Adventure, Jobs, Banking, and Tourism.
Visit Marion County's newest ICONIC Landmark, the new Moss Construction Delivered Marion County Courthouse.

Meet Marion County Leaders.  Dennis Baxley works to make his florida a better place.

Hotel Packages, Best of Ocala
Opening Feb 18, 2010 at the Florida School of the Arts, Photon Magic by Artist Don Browning.

Visit The Central Florida Chambers of Commerce at: Marion County CC, and the 5 star Ocala CC on line.

Enjoy your Birding Vacation. Visit Marion County, for a repeatable positive experience, buying a home or visiting, travel to Central Florida and be a part of The Marion County Eco Adventure, Birding Photographic opportunities.  Bring your Camera, see what is instore.

New Super Solar ideas to reduce Carbon Footprint in Marion County. Florida and Space Florida are leading Solar Locations. Take an Environmental Marion County Vacation.

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Environmental Artist Don Browning Don't Miss List of Activities in Central Florida.  Hilton Hotels, Marion County

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Marion County Wildlife.

Ocali Days. Civil War Canon.

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